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From Stephen Holden, The New York Times:
“Drive…gusto…she is in there swinging” 

From John Simon,
"The amazing Tovah Feldshuh is a lot of things: dramatic actress, stand-up comic, agile clown, lover of good English, and in some ways smarter than THE NEW YORK TIMES. At nine that evening, Feinstein's was the place to be for sovereign entertainment...Solid fun! Tovah has a rich voice, well deployed from falsetto to contralto... she knows that to put across a song you must be able also to act it out, and that she can do with a vengeance...what you get is hearty laughs from a canny raconteur and genuine actress! Catch Tovah in her NUTSHELL!"

From Rex Reed, New York Observer:
"Tovah Feldshuh’s master class in versatility at Feinstein’s is called “Tovah in a Nutshell.” The stage is small and the atmosphere intimate, but there’s plenty of space to showcase the many faces of Tovah. You feel like she’s throwing a party in her own family room and you’re invited! She’s quick, she’s funny, she’s agile, her talent is so bountiful you forget how petite she is."

From Melissa Rose Bernardo, Entertainment Weekly online(
"petite powerhouse singer/actress"..."There's something about Tovah Feldshuh that's instantly warm, welcoming, and invigorating. Tovah is at her best when she's simply being herself crooning a breathy, torchy ''That Old Black Magic,'' pouring her optimism into a tinkly ''On a Clear Day,'' [or] channeling her father and her younger self for a Gershwin medley [that’s] the highlight of the evening…Fascinatin’ Tovah! Of Tovah We Sing!"

From Steven Suskin, Daily Variety:
"An impressively abundant array of talents...she has patrons firmly in her grasp."
"Feldshuh tells jokes, sings songs, and limns myriad characters...a visit with an Irish-Jewish girl in pigtails is enchanting."
"It is hard to imagine that any current day performer beyond Bette Midler could score with five minutes of Sophie Tucker, yet Feldshuh brings the old Yiddishe Momme alive with all the sparkle of Mae West." 

From Jonathan Warman, New York Blade:
“Few performers are as hilarious as Broadway favorite Tovah Feldshuh. The jokes…are joyous and the moments of sentiment genuine and touching.”

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