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Neil Genzlinger of THE NEW YORK TIMES states:


"Tovah Feldshuh gives such a fiercely committed performance that she does more than just resurrect Golda Meir; she embodies an entire country."

Clive Barnes of the NEW YORK POST writes:


"Tovah Feldshuh gives a blazing performance!"  

Michael Feingold of The Village Voice adds:


"A personal triumph! If we could find a way to hook Ms. Feldshuh to an electric generator, New York would never have a blackout again!"  

Adam Feldman of Time Out writes:  


"A timely, incisive, powerfully-varied portrait of a remarkable woman! ‘Excellence’ you might say, is a synonym for being TOVAH!"  

Howard Kissel of the Daily New York Daily News:


"A beautifully acted one-woman show!"  

Roma Torre, NY1:  


"Tovah Feldshuh’s exquisitely nuanced performance is an acting triumph! An epic among solo works!"  

Malcom Johnson, Hartford Courant:


"Tovah Feldshuh’s searing, funny, one-woman tour de force is the summit of a career!"  


Alvin Klein of THE NEW YORK TIMES states:


"TOVAH FELDSHUH'S interpretive power as a singer wrings the emotional possibilities from a song that is suddenly newly heard. TOVAH FELDSHUH CAN DO AN ACT WITH NO NAME AT ALL AND ROSES WILL BE SENT."  

Lawrence van Gelder of  THE NEW YORK TIMES adds:


"Gifted TOVAH FELDSHUH deftly evokes laughter, wrings the heart and brings a tear to the eye."  

Clive Barnes of the NEW YORK POST writes,


"A truly beautiful singing voice.  Impossible not to like, hard not to love." 

Gene Price of the SAN FRANCISCO BAY TIMES declares:


 "The extraordinary singer/actor TOVAH FELDSHUH has assembled the most focused and cleverly structured work I've seen on the cabaret stage.  Is there anything she can't do?"  


The New York DAILY NEWS reports


 "Her act does exactly what a nightclub act should do.  It makes you laugh and it makes you cry."

Rex Reed, The New York Observer


"For a name that sounds like corn plaster, Tovah Feldshuh is a vision of unclouded loveliness, an actress with inestimable vitality and range and a singer-comedienne of impressive charms.  Blending her characterizations with brilliant wally harper arrangements of theatrical centerpieces, like "50%" from ballroom, make for an unusually stirring and refreshingly different kind of act ...."

Howard Kissel, The Daily News


"In her Cabaret debut at the oak room of the Algonquin, Ms. Feldshuh demonstrates splendidly the virtues theater people bring to this intimate form.... She brings to her work the ferocious energy that made her a great exponent of farce in Broadway's Lend Me A Tenor.  There is a wonderful sense of adventure and imagination in her act... Feldshuh has a strong, easy rapport with her audience, and she moves from character to character with great skill. Her act does exactly what a nightclub act should do. It makes you laugh and it makes you cry."

Mars, Variety


"Rialto vet Tovah Feldshuh spices a grab bag of characters with broad yucks and fine singing in her nitery debut. The show's theatricality could appeal to wide audiences at large, upscale rooms.  Feldshuh's well-honed acting skills serve her well, whether she's the ultra wasp, a Jewish grandmother or a be-bopping opera rock 'n'roller.  Feldshuh does not merely sketch a character, she gets beneath its surface.... And she delivers the vocal goods with brio."

Jeffrey Borak, The Berkshire Eagle


"Tovah Feldshuh has proven, on more than one occasion, that she is an actress of prodigous talent. She has now brought all that skill to bear in a cabaret act that played to capacity houses in a return  engagement at the Stockbridge Cabaret series.  This is a portrait in song and comedy --with just a touch of drama --of the artist as dreamer and the dreamer as artist...
It is not only Feldshuh's remarkable dynamic range as an actress and comedienne that makes her act work. She also displays an impressive vocal range that emphasizes power and strength over lyricism and delicacy, although her interpretations never lose touch with her heart. It is a real tribute to the actress/woman that is feldshuh."

Stuart Mellan, President & CEO, Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona, December 2017

"Tovah Feldshuh was a tour de force, delightful, entertaining, and very strong in delivering our fundraising message. She outdid our very high expectations."

Paul Kresh, The Jewish Week


With material ranging from Judy Collins to the acerbic works of Dorothy Parker and Noel Coward, the evening proves that Feldshuh can recite or sing just about anything.  She is also mistress of many moods, from slow and sinuous ("look to the rainbow") to fast and furious ("bee bop a lula")  
      it is when she is at her most anecdotal that Feldshuh is most engaging.  She keeps us teetering on the thin edge between tears and laughter, lifting the evening markedly above the level of another night-club act... And when she sings "Where is it Written," a ballad from Yentl, Feldshuh simply melts down all resistance.  She dedicated this song to Isaac Bashevis singer and sang it not worse than Streisand, maybe better.  A woman of almost alarming energy, the nimblest of tongues, and a comic manner whose adroitness hearkens back to the heyday of Molly Picon, Feldshuh at her best... Enchants.


NY Times:


"Tovah Feldshuh wraps herself in the role of Tallulah Bankhead with such wild devotion, and looks so good in her Margo Channing off the shoulder dress, she makes you feel as if you're in the room with that profane life force." 

The Bergen News:


"Ms. Feldshuh develops the Bankhead persona so subtly and deeply, that we forget we are no longer in the presence of the legend herself."



"Feldshuh is a splendid actress who comes to grips with the glamorous, devilishly naughty, controversial, wildly funny, and formidable Tallulah Bankhead."

Hartford Courant:


"This tiny dynamo, the versatile and chameleon-like Feldshuh, sounds and looks just like Bankhead in her Paul Huntley wig and expert makeup. She captures the husky-voiced legend and mixes English cultivation with touches of upper class Alabama."

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