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('Cause G-d I hope it is!)

“Tovah Feldshuh’s interpretive power as a singer wrings the emotional possibilities from a song that is suddenly newly heard. She deftly evokes laughter, wrings the heart, and brings a tear to the eye."

-       New York Times


“Feldshuh, a comic genius, equally adept at drama, disappears into the souls of the characters she plays… The extraordinary talented star – a multiple Emmy and Tony award nominee – exhibits boundless energy, jumping from character to character and bouncing from song to song with almost reckless abandon in this remarkable entertaining act."

-       Theater Pizzazz


Some people call them decades… I call them my collected works.

Now that I’m in my “years of wisdom”, I decided to age backwards and sing about it! AGING IS OPTIONAL (‘Cause G-d I Hope It Is!) is a piece that fully embraces this vision. I deem myself perpetually 39. May this age-defying romp be Restylane for your soul. May its laughter and music be probiotics for your spirits, and may its joy help you hit your target heart rate today and for years to come. 

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