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Los Angeles Times (Kevin Thomas)
"The most accomplished of actresses...what a pleasure it is to see her receive a role of such breadth and depth!"

Rolling Stone (Peter Travers)
"Tovah Feldshuh, as Jessica's confused, devoted mother, can nail a laugh and break your heart with effortless grace; she's perfection." 

Variety (Lael Lowenstein)
"Feldshuh gives an achingly poignant and multilayered performance as Judy Stein." 

New York Daily News (Jami Bernard)
"Feldshuh has one spectacular scene, long and done in one take, which shows how splendid a comedy can be!"

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)
"Feldshuh takes an ordinary scene and makes it extraordinary." 

Entertainment Weekly (Lisa Schwarzbaum)
"I've never seen Feldshuh steal the show so completely and definitively!" 

San Francisco Chronicle (Carla Meyer)
"Tovah Feldshuh has the kindest eyes onscreen." 

Out Magazine (Jeffrey Epstein)
"Tovah Feldshuh steals every scene she's in with understated comedic genius." 

Film Journal International (Doris Toumarkine)
"It's the stunning performance of Feldshuh, so nuanced and moving as the mother (especially in one poignant single-take scene) that stands out." 

2001 Outfest Journal
" A wonderful performance by Tovah Feldshuh... perfect..." 

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