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New York Times
“Ms. Feldshuh places her own stamp on one of the musical theater's most celebrated female roles. As they say in old Eire, you go, girl! Her singing is vibrant and assured; petite and svelte, she dances persuasively too! In giving Dolly a new voice, Ms. Feldshuh helps restore to her some of the simple humanity lost under accretions of stardust.” 

The Star Ledger
"Tovah Feldshuh is a force-of-nature! Funny, smart and talented! Audiences will be won over by HELLO, DOLLY!" 

Home News Tribune
"Tovah Feldshuh's infectious charm creates a memorable Dolly."

The Princeton Packet
"If there was any question as to whether or not Tovah Feldshuh could handle HELLO, DOLLY! with conviction, relax — she's just plain terrific. The enthusiastic standing ovation at every performance at Paper Mill Playhouse is no fluke." 

Worrell Publishing
"There’s a brand new refreshing Dolly in town -- an incredible, petite, talented bombshell in the form of Tovah Feldshuh is delighting Paper Mill Playhouse audiences with her explosive interpretation of the character, Dolly Gallagher Levi, in the musical, HELLO, DOLLY! The versatile Feldshuh can raise an audience to the very height of excitement -- the audience gave her an uproarious, ear-splitting standing ovation." 

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