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2004 Tony Campaign
"The Performance of the Year, the Story of a Lifetime"

New York Times
"Tovah Feldshuh gives such a fiercely committed performance that she does more than just resurrect Golda Meir: she embodies an entire country!" 

Associated Press
"Tovah Feldshuh's marvelous, skillful portrayal of the indomitable Golda Meir will remain in your mind long after the curtain has come down!" 

New York Magazine (John Simon)
"It's marvelous when an actor and a role that seem to be waiting for each other meet an incandescent embrace. Tovah Feldshuh's acting fleshes, indeed souls Golda Meir out to munificent overflowing. GOLDA'S BALCONY is the perfect merging of playwright, actress, and character."

New York Post
"Tovah Feldshuh realizes Golda Meir with overwhelming force."  

Elie Wiesel
"Tovah Feldshuh's performance is brilliant!" 

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